Zippo Emergency Fire Kit



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Designed to save the day, the Emergency Fire Kit comes through when others turn back. Its compact and high-caliber construction packs enough punch to overpower bleak conditions and fire up your campsite at a moment's notice.


  • Zippo flint spark wheel 
  • Includes 5 easy lightweight paraffin wax-coated spark tinder
  • Ignites with spark or flame and burns up to 5 minutes
  • Rugged ABS plastic construction
  • Ergonomic design with textured grip; Water-resistant storage/o-ring seal
  • Floats in water; Molded lanyard hole


    • Stores flint-wheel ignition & five (5) included Easy Spark Tinders
    • Floats in water & keeps flint-wheel ignition & tinder dry
    • Reliable sparking in any weather condition
    • Reusable, durable & lightweight for long-lasting use
    • Easy one-hand use & provides sturdy grip
    • Provides attachment point for use in pocket, go-bag, or on-pack
    • Plenty of time to get a fire started
    • Provides more flexibility & control while lighting fire

      Emergency Fire Kit Specs

      Height: 4.0″ 
      Width: 1.13″
      Depth: 1.38″
      Weight: 1.6 oz.
      Warranty: 1 year

      Zippo Emergency Fire Kit