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Vista Bino Toter - Camo


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Vista Bino Toter is an innovative and revolutionary carrier - a great way to carry your binoculars, rangefinder and camera.

The Bino Toter takes all of the weight and pressure off your neck and puts it fairly and squarely on your shoulders, making your optics seem much lighter, weight-wise.

It is a body hugging harness to keep optics close to your body.

The Toter is a fantastic little accessory as it frees your hands while out walking, hunting and stalking and relieves all the pressure from your neck and keeps your optics in place for all day comfort.

Fully adjustable Mossy Oak camo webbing straps keep your expensive optics safe and sound, allowing them to be always handy but out of the way of your bowstring.

Quiet and easy to use and inexpensive.

A must for all hunters, nature lovers, sportsmen and photographers.

You will wonder how you ever did without a Vista Bino-Toter. Another quality product from Vista.

  • Advanced weight distribution technology provides a seemingly weightless system
  • Uses your shoulders for support - instead of your neck
  • Strap allows your binos to move up and out when in use
  • Keeps your optics secure
  • Great for the sportsman who needs to stay mobile
  • Frees your hands while hunting
  • Binoculars, rangefinder and camera are protected
  • Makes stalking as comfortable as a stroll in the park
  • Lets you be hands-free
  • Eliminates bow string interference
  • Ideal for the bush walker, climber, nature lover, photographer, sportsman, law enforcement officer, shooter, bowhunter and archer
  • Works for all sizes of binoculars, cameras and range finders
  • Mossy Oak camo pattern
  • Simple set-up
  • Provides protection, control and comfort
  • Body hugging harness prevents binocular "swing-out" during physical activity
  • Quick access using just one hand
  • Advanced weight distribution technology and shoulder straps provide unparalleled comfort and support all day long

Vista Bino Toter - Camo

$9.99 $19.99 50% Off