Spot Hogg Archery Laser Alignment Tool - Black

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Wheel lean causes bad nock travel, erratic paper tears, bow to be spine finicky, excessive wear on bushings & axle holes, and left & right points of impact when creep tuning. The Laser Aligner works on all compound bows providing an efficient and effective way to measure cam lean/alignment.

No more eye-balling or guesstimating if your cams are tilted or misaligned. The Laser Aligner instantly shows the amount of tilt in the cams & wheels of a compound bow. Constructed of durable machined casing to last a lifetime.
Simple to use and destined to become a standard tool for all pro shops & serious archers. The unique grooved design allows the laser to project a parallel light beam from any flat surface it is placed on. These are black in color.

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