Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

Nockturnal Archery Lighted Nocks - 3 Pack



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Lightweight, dependable and highly visible, with a shot-activated switch that won't turn off until reset by the archer. Installation requires no glue or magnets. Battery lasts up to 20 hours. Weight: 20 gr. Pack of 3.

  • Bowstring activated linear switch
  • Fool proof operation in any condition
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Water and weather proof
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Orange
  • Fits smaller diameter carbon .165 ID shafts
  • Each nock in this package weighs approximately 15 grains
  • 3 lighted nocks per pack

Nockturnal Nocks Sizing Guide

Use the search box below to enter your arrow information and find out what size nocks will fit.

G-Nocks fit arrows with an ID of 0.165
X-Nocks fit arrows with an ID of 0.204
H-Nocks fit arrows with an ID of 0.233
S-Nocks fit arrows with an ID of 0.244
GT-Nocks fit arrows with an ID of 0.246
F.I.T. Nocks are X-Nock sized and come with sleeves for S, H, and GT Nocks

 Nockturnal S (Standard): Fits most “standard” carbon arrows such as Carbon Express, Beman ICS, Easton, PSE, Victory, Carbon Tech, Carbon Impact and most other arrows including aluminum arrows with a super-UNI bushing.

 Nockturnal GT: Fits most Gold Tip hunting shafts (except Kinetic).

 Nockturnal H: Fits Easton ST Epic and ST Excel.

 Nockturnal G: Fits Victory VAP and Easton ACC’s or other arrows with G-UNI bushing.

 Nockturnal X: Fits slim arrows with half outs or hidden inserts such as Gold Tip Kinetic, Easton Axis/FMJ, Beman MFX, Trophy Ridge, Carbon Impact HOT and Easton ACC’s with X-UNI bushing. 

Nockturnal Archery Lighted Nocks - 3 Pack