Last Chance Archery Precision Arrow Prep Kit - Handheld

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The Precision Arrow Prep Kit is perfect for any archer who builds arrows from scratch. This kit includes brushes, swabs, a deburring tool, a handle, and a case. The deburring tool removes rough edges from the ends of your arrow shafts, the brushes are perfect for roughing up the inside, and the swabs are excellent for clearing any loose carbon dust before you glue in your points. The deburring tool is universal, and the assortment of brush and swab sizes fit any arrow shaft on the market to date. The different sizes included are listed below. You can also buy the brushes or swabs by themselves through the LCA website if you don’t need the entire kit. The prep kit includes a handle to hold and use each tool, a thread adapter for the tools with smaller threads, and finally, it includes a zipper case to keep the tools organized and in order. 


Brush - .375 (26 series +)

Brush - .35 (25 series +)

Brush - .30 (23 series +)

Brush - .223 (22 series & hunting shafts)

Brush - .17 (Micro shafts)

Swab - .30 - .35 (25 - 27 series)

Swab - .24 - .27 (22 - 25 series)

Swab - .20 (Hunting & micro shafts) 


• Deburring tool for clearing rough edges

• Brushes for roughing up the inside of any arrow shaft

• Swabs for clearing loose carbon dust

• An included handle to hold and use each tool

• Thread adapter for the tools with smaller threads

• A zipper case for holding all the tools together

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