Last Chance Archery Ultimate EZ Deluxe Press

Mounting Option:Bench Mount
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The Ultimate EZ Deluxe is designed for quick and easy set-up of most compound bows and crossbows. This press is perfect for both home and shop use, and it's very simple to use. Each LCA press model is equipped with the LCA patented finger system that allows you to press your bow precisely as if it's being drawn back. While pressing your bow, you're not applying any extra pressure to your limbs, and you're also not applying torque to your riser. The Ultimate EZ Deluxe moves in and out using a manual handwheel for fast and smooth movement. This particular press model has a range that spans from 11" - 54" axle to axle length. One other great feature about LCA Deluxe model presses is that they can pivot from vertical to horizontal. Ultimate EZ units use a much thicker grade material so that the press itself is strong enough to handle high poundage crossbows.  

Mounting options: 

• Bench Mounts

• Wall Mounts

• Floor Stand (can be purchased separately) 

Note: Each mounting option includes height adjustments. 

EXTRA NOTES: Any customer can add the Deluxe 2nd Axis to any of our "DELUXE" model bow presses. The Deluxe model presses already pivot from vertical to horizontal; adding the 2nd Axis gives you the 2nd axis adjustment that allows you to adjust your press up and down. If you purchase the Deluxe 2nd Axis with this press as an extra attachment, you will not receive the single-axis within that same purchase unless you make that selection during your purchase. The 2nd Axis includes both pivoting functions, so the 1st Axis is no longer needed by itself. If you need to press crossbows under 11" axle to axle length, you can purchase the MINI Xbow Adapter, which will allow your press to compress down to 4" instead of the standard 11" length the press itself will do. The MINI Xbow Adapter can be purchased from our website. 

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