Smokehouse Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory

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Turn your Mimi Moto into the ultimate heater. The Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory drops right on top of the Mimi Moto Ultimate Wood-Fired Cookstove and locks onto the stainless pan supports. The intense heat from the wood burning cookstove is absorbed by the inner components of the heater accessory and redirects the heat outwards for a comfortable warmth on cold days.

The full height of the Mimi Moto cookstove with the heater accessory is about 20 inches so it is perfect as a tabletop heater for your backyard, patio, picnic table, or just placed on the ground to sit around. The top of the heater can also be used as a warming surface to keep your coffee warm or for other similar uses.

The Mimi Moto Infrared Heater Accessory comes with a connection for the Mimi Moto tool so that you can easily remove the heater when hot (if needed). Please note that the Mimi Moto cookstove is sold separately and does not come with the heater accessory. 

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